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Brahms Requiem ~ What else to sing?

I have programed the Brahms Requiem this coming spring and I am using a chamber orchestration to accompany it with.  Any ideas on other music that I could also program on the concert? 
on June 4, 2012 2:58pm
The Schubert Mass in G works well with the Brahms
Fred Wygal
on June 4, 2012 4:37pm
Here's a related thread.
on June 5, 2012 6:35am
I programmed Menotti's •Muero Porque No Muero• (G Schirmer) as the opener when I last did the Brahms. Advantages: it's mostly Soprano solo with short and easily learned chorus parts; it's thematically related, it's relatively short, and no additional orchestral requirements!

Hope this helps,
Robert A. M. Ross

on June 5, 2012 7:53am
Just to echo an idea mentioned in the related thread- I don't think anyone would mind hearing only the Requiem, but if you wanted to add another piece perhaps it should come on the first half of the program.   Brahms' Geistliches Lied, Schicksalslied, Nänie, and Alto Rhapsody are all great pieces with orchestra, but, Geistliches Lied aside, are all big sings.  Another idea might be having a piece or short set of pieces for the orchestra alone that use similar orchestration.   
on June 5, 2012 5:49pm
Whiile I can think of composers whose music is so varied that it responds well to a concert program consisting only of their works, for me Brahms is not among them; it would be like a heavy main dish preceded by an equally heavy appetizer, and not only might be followed by aural acid indigestion but also by a falling-off of audience attention during the course of he concert, due to fatigue.
Why not a Bach cantata to start?  Brahms was among the leading Bach scholars of his generation, subscribed to the Breitkopf complete works edition as it was issued and performend many of the cantatas with his choir as soon as they were available -- so this would reflect other facets of Brahms while refreshing the ear.
Brahms himself prefaced the Requiem with Handel.
Best regards,
Jerome Hoberman
Music Director/Conductor, The Hong Kong Bach Choir & Orchestra
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