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SSAA + organ & string trio work, honoring Mother Teresa available

Hello Women's Choirs!
I have a complex piece for for you, which is based upon Bach's Sinfonia 15 in B minor. It is scored for an SSAA choir, but the opening section also requires 4 soloists from these sections. The polyphony is doubled/supported by the presence of three strings; violin, viola, and cello and organ.  The text uses a blend of Scripture, original lyrics, and direct quotes by Mother Teresa- used with permission.
This work was premiered in Virginia last year on Mother's Day and has only been performed once to my knowledge. It's a call for us to be loving and compassionate, as Mother Teresa was, and to follow Jesus.
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on June 28, 2012 3:20pm
I forgot to mention that the name of this piece is "Ode to Mother Teresa."  I also have an "Ode to Pope John Paul II" for two part choir and keyboard (organ or piano- no pedal part) if anyone would like this music as well.  Peace ~ Heather
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