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Repertoire ideas for a graduate conducting recital on 9/11

I am in the process of creating a concert program for my graduate conducting recital (MM Choral Conducting at LSU) this coming fall. My concert lands coincidentally on the anniversary of 9/11, and I find it only fitting that my repertoire loosely reflect the tone of the evening. This would include exploring themes of loss, memorial, prayer, redemption, and forgiveness. I have a wealth of English language choral art songs from the 20th Century that will fit wonderfully, but need suggestions for older reptoire: 
Songs from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classic, and Romantic eras that would be appropriate for the evening. 
Songs in non-English languages that would highlight the global sense of community found by rising above such a tragedy. 
The mixed chorus I'll be conducting is a graduate level ensemble and very capable. Chamber orchestra is also an option. 
I would love to hear your ideas. The more creative the better. I am avoiding any repertoire commissioned for 9/11 or specific references to 9/11. 
Many thanks, 
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on June 24, 2012 9:06am
Hi, Jeffrey.
I recommend "Mae e" by Kentaro Sato. It is in Japanese, and there are several versions (SA, SSAA, TTBB, SAB, and SATB), and piano is optional. (Here is YouTube of accompanied SATB and a cappella SATB)
What is more, there is the English lyrics version (the title is "Forever Forward") available too, and both Japanese and English versions are free, (Japanese ver here, and English ver here)
I performed both Japanese and English versions with my mixed chorus at the WWII memorial ceremony last year.
"Forever Forward"
How I remember
the warm and loving touch of your gentle hand.
How I remember
the generous and fine tone of your voice.
How I remember
the openness and sincerity of your longing look,
in prayerful serenity.

When I close my eyes,
the image of our time together hovers before me,
and I recall the peaceful tones of harmony in song,
when our voices fused.

The fading music does not mean
that we have bid one another final farewell.
Whenever fresh melodies blossom into life anew,
the vision of your presence will live again and again in my memory.

How I remember
the precious dream for which you undertook your quest.
How I remember
your tender smile directed toward new tomorrows.

Prompted by memories of you that my heart contains,
step by step, I move forward.
Determined to embrace the happiness and sadness that each day brings,
step by step, I move ever forward.

Step by step, my memories of you move me forever forward.
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on June 25, 2012 8:09am
I recommend Canticus Calamitatis Maritimae by the Finnish composer Mäntyjärvi.  It is a wonderful piece describing the sinking of a ship in the Baltic.
Iit has Latin text.  Rather difficult 20th century piece with lots of divisi.  It is hauntingly beautiful, dramatic, and skillfully written.  I did it with the Washington Kantorei
a few years ago.

Dale Voelker
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