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Vivaldi Gloria for strings only

Hi choralnet folks!  I'm trying to figure out if there is a publication of the Vivaldi Gloria for string quartet.  I have an SSAA choir, and a publication, arranged by Louis Pichierri, in my file, but it calls for "orchestra" and I'd really like to do it with just 4 strings.  Ayone know anything?  Help!
Jennie Tibben
Bella Voce, Reno
on July 6, 2012 7:59am
Hello Ms.Tibben.
I adore the Vivaldi Gloria and am so happy you are singing it! When will you be presenting it?
I'm not familiar with Pichierri's arrangement and I wish you luck with finding what you ware looking for.
I would think an orchestral piece might be hard to reduce to just a string quartet.  Have you considered using a few strings but also adding a piano,organ, or harpsichord- to round out the parts/fill in chords?? I don't know it this option suits you or is available...  How much time do you have until you must have these parts in hand by?
I might be interested in making na arrangment for you, for a small fee, but would definately need to know how much time is available to prepare it as I am very busy with moving this month... If I could see the score it would help me to guage how long it would take. Are they singing from the Pichierri arrangment or are you considering that only for accompaniment?? Good luck!
Heather Seaton
on July 6, 2012 8:54am
Found these; you could contact the choir for more info (this performance has a piano & trumpet, too, but maybe only the strings would sound just fine?):
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