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Working as a team

I'm part of a community choir that's going through some growing pains in our 30th year. We've never had hard-and-fast expectations as far as attendance, attire, etc. And dues are voluntary. We have a few folks (only a few, but it's an annoying few) who seem more interested in their individuality than the "good of the order." (Most recent example: "Please don't wear shorts to the performance." "I want to wear shorts, and I'm GOING to wear shorts!") I was thinking about some kind of pledge/contract, but enforcement would be impossible. I think a handbook is a good idea - something we haven't done before. Does anyone have a magic bullet to get everyone pulling in the same direction, rather than marching to their own drummer? We want to keep the group "fun," but we do occasionally get hired, and I'm feeling like we really need to start acting a bit more professionally.
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