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INTERKULTUR Announces Permanent U.S. Based Operation

Location: Germany
Today at 5 pm Guenter Titsch, President of INTERKULTUR and the World Choir Games, officially announced the establishment of a permanent office in the U.S., located in the Village of Mariemont in Cincinnati Ohio.
INTERKULTUR Americas will support the development of new events in the USA, market and promote all INTERKULTUR events in North America, Canada  the surrounding islands and all Choral Operations for North American based choral organizations.
“ We have observed the extraordinary relationship between our U.S. based team and the choirs during the 2012 Games.  Now  is the time to officially announce this permanent office and implement a growth strategy. I am very proud of this team and this new operation in America.” stated Guenter Titsch.
The office has four full time employees managed by Lori Lobsiger, Director INTERKULTUR North American Markets and Kim Mann ,
U.S. Artistic Coordinator Chorus Operations.
“The enthusiasm of the U.S. choirs and the Cincinnati based choral operations is a direct reflection on the development of this opportunity. My team is very proud of this announcement. It is an exciting time to be  a part of the growth of INTERKULTUR events and to lead a permanent operation in America” stated Lobsiger.
INTERKULTUR is the Founder and International Organizing Committee of the World Choir Games and Choral Festivals and Competitions worldwide.