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Facebook Ads for Recruitment

I am in the midst of a recruitment campaign for my upcoming community choir.  I decided to use Facebook for advertising.  I'm not sure what the results will be but I am deeply impressed with their ability to reach a targeted audience and the instant service they provide.  I was able to choose to advertise only to people who live in my city or cities within ten miles, only people that have the words singing or vocal music somewhere on their Facebook account and only to people who appreciate a certain type of music.  Facebook shows me that there is a pool of 2400 people that meet this criteria and only charges me when someone clicks on the ad.  610 people had my Ad displayed when they checked their Facebook accounts today and 2 people clicked on the Ad.  I don't fully understand how the parameters work but I know I will not be charged more than the $200 I allocated for the service and I have complete control over the duration of the campaign. They charge $.80 every time someone clicks on the Ad.   
I put the Ad together and it was instantly available.  I will let everyone know if it was a successful recruitment tool.  
Have you used Facebook to recruit for your choir?
Were you successful?
What other recruitment methods have been successful for your ensemble?
What a world we live in.
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on July 17, 2012 11:09pm
Google Adwords is a pretty similar service -- you can restrict it to a particular geographical area, specify keywords and so on, and your ad turns up in Google searches. You can have multiple ads and tweak the ads and keywords at any time. The details are different but the general idea is the same. You can give them a maximum budget and they'll stay under it. My choir has been using it both for recruiting and for concert promotion.
Our best recruiting has been at the local art-and-wine fair in our rehearsal town. Costs a couple hundred bucks to get a booth, and you need a small army of volunteers, although they get to wander the fair when they're off duty so it isn't onerous. Typically 30-40 sign up on the audition info sheet, 8-10 actually show up to audition (which is about a month later, during which time we've sent them email reminders), and 4-6 end up joining the chorus. The personal contact of chatting them up at the street fair seems to be more effective than paper mailings or electronic contact.
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on July 19, 2012 9:56am
Thanks Allen,  I have been using Google Ad Words for years to help select text used in my videos.  I believe it has helped generate many views for my choirs but never really looked at it for advertising.  I will definately look into this more.
on July 18, 2012 12:30pm
Glad to see you using Facebook.
Nashville Singers has been using Facebook advertising for 44 months or 3.66 years, since before our very first meeting.
Facebook ads have brought us 50, (33%) of our 150 total membership inquiries, 25 (22%) of 115 guests that actually attended a meeting, and five (25%) of our 20 members. Fifteen of those 20 members are still with us.
Those 150 membership inquiries yielded 115 guests. 36 of the people that inquired about visiting a meeting (despite follow-ups by phone or email) never actually attended a meeting. Of those 115 guests that did attend a meeting, 20 of were (not prospects) friends of members and guests visiting from out of town. That left us with 95 prospects. Of the 95 prospects, 41 (43%) of them auditioned Of the 41 that auditioned, 21 (51%) passed the audition. 27 (28%) of the prospective member guests that attended one of our meetings, did not express interest in auditioning/joining. Of the 21 that passed the audition, 20 (95%) joined.
21% of our guest (prospects) have become members
13% of inquiries have become members
Though part-predominant learning media is provided for all new songs, because of the complexity of the arrangements we sing, and the number of new songs that must be memorized each year (10-12 over the course of 39 rehearsals) our audition is difficult by design. Even if prospective member passes their audition, they are still on probation for their first 90 days and need to prove adequate proficiency and progress achieved during this probationary period to be granted full membership. To date, 18 (90%) of the 20 that passed the audition were extended full membership.
We rehearse 39 times annually and average 31 guests per year. 16 of our guests were male participants in our Acappella Academy free singing lessons program and seemed interested exclusively in the free singing lessons event. Nine (curious) guests visited from two other choruses in the area. Two guests were from the staff of the church that hosts us.
Besides the potential membership, Facebook advertising builds awareness of our chorus within the community. Over the previous 44 months, we have invested $1523.25 in membership-oriented Facebook advertising. That runs us $34.62 per month on average. That investment has yielded the folllowing for Nashville Singers:
Ad Impressions 7,757,665
Visits to website 3306 (11% of all visits)
CTR (click through ratio) 0.043
CPC (cost per click)  $                   0.46
CPM (cost per 1000 impressions)  $                   0.20
The costs to our organization break down like this:
Cost per year  $                415.43
Cost per inquiry  $                 10.16
Cost per prospect  $                 13.25
Cost per member  $                304.65
With member dues at $240 per year, we have to retain a Facebook-generated member for 15 months to recover the $304.65 acquisition cost. Our current membership has been with us (on average) for 32 months.
I should also tell you that because Facebook users with our keywords have doubled on the last 3.66 years, our cost per click has doubled as well. We started out at about .40 per click. Now our minimum bid is usually .80 per click.
Our current ad targets 54,120 users:
  • who live in the United States
  • who live within 50 miles of Nashville, TN
  • between the ages of 18 and 58 inclusive
We change up ad graphics and photos regularly and make adjustments to increase the response rate.
Our current ad has a live performance shot of our group and the copy reads: Local MALE chorus auditioning SINGERS. We rehearse most Thursday nights in Donelson area. When users click on the ad, it takes them to our website.
Some of the keywords we use are: #Audition, performing music, auditioning, chorus america, music teachers helper, spebsqsa, #American Harmony, singing in bathroom, choral music lovers, #Choir, singing in band, #Singing, music rehearsal, #Harmony, #The Sing-Off, church choir, singing in shower, barbershop, choir singing in shower, vocal music teacher, #Close harmony, choral, #Barbershop music, singing in class, overtones, singing in car, barbershop music, #Sweet Adelines International, #Baritone, street magic acappella, choir, voice lessons, philanthropist, music teachers, #Acapela, music teacher, support music education, #Acapella Vocal Band, #Performing arts, #Acappella (group), private music teacher, oc times quartet, #Choir (architecture), singing in choir, sing, #America's Got Talent, #Acappella (album), revelation acappella, #Tenor, quartet, lead singer, holiday music, music performance, rehearsals, singing barbershop, #The Osmonds, #Bathroom singing, #Music education, #Barbershop Harmony Society, #Acoustix, harmonizing, lunch break quartet, #Overtone singing, #Philanthropy, barbershop quartets, choir directors, harmonizer, #Homer's Barbershop Quartet, acappella swingers, barbershop quartet, helping kids, choir music, nashville singers, singing in church, #Christmas music, voice lessions, vocal, acappella, singing in choir at church, choir member, #ARts, #The Suntones, harmony, choral music, barbershop singing, glee club, singing in choirs, singing in my church choir, choral director, choral singing, rehearsing, general music teacher, music teaching, #Glee (TV series), alexandria harmonizers, plutonic acappella, vocalist, bass, #Show choir, woodshedders, #Bass (voice type), vocal music, #Arranger, music performing, choir director, #Voice teacher, elementary music teacher, #Masters of Harmony, choir members, vocals or chorus
I hope anyone reading this finds it helpful.

Executive Director
Director of Music
Nashville Singers, Inc.
615-852-SING (7464) office
615-669-TODD (8633) cell
615-523-TODD (8633) fax
Online Store:

Please support our philanthropic mission
to support music education in our schools and the community.
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on July 20, 2012 7:36pm
One of my singers handles our Facebook Page and he certainly posts our auditions.  I do all sorts of things, including posting here on ChoralNet, sending out email blasts, sending out a snail mailing with several targeted populations-- included with my audition flyer, I include a letter to church choirs directors and vocal musicians--a very messy mailing but worth it!  I have auditioned several WONDERFUL singers after sending my flyers to public libraries to post on their bulletin boards (and have gotten some GOOD GIGS from those libraries after, because they know about us.). I also send to our local papers for their Casting Call column.
This spring, I started blogging on our local online "newspaper," Patch---it's a new world and don't know what to call it LOL!  It's funny I should read your posting here today, because I just did my weekly Blog Post this afternoon.  I copied and pasted it at the bottom of my posting here so you can see what I mean.  I Blog about a whole bunch of things, not just my Midwest Motet Society (disability issues are important to me, just as I know they are to you, Jack--read my Father's Day piece on Dads with special needs children), but will try to focus on my auditions as much as possible until my summer auditions are over with. today, if I see an opening in the news with something I can tie into my auditions, you bet I grab it!
Local Voices

Singing Outside of the Box: Collaborating Arts on the Southside


Singing Outside of the Box: Collaborating Arts on the Southside

A few of you may have already heard about this arts announcement—it was in the Trib and the Sun-Times yesterday—but for those of you who haven’t, let me tell you about it.  It was announced yesterday, Lyric Opera of Chicago and the Second City are partnering up for a program next January. Let me repeat that—Second City, the home and training ground of many of the COUNTRY’S finest comics and comedic actors and Lyric Opera of Chicago, well, the OPERA company are teaming up.   It sounds wonderful, and happened because Diva Renee Fleming and her new husband decided to go to Second City one evening last fall. 

By all accounts, Ms. Fleming is the first one to make fun of her status as one of the best voices in the world.  And, the cast and crew of Second City had no idea she would be attending the show when they just happened to put on one of her recordings as part of a skit—she laughed and laughed and then approached the music director after the show—the rest, as they say, is history.

But this Chicago arts development has got me thinking—is this something we could try in the arts community down here on the Southside? Different types of arts collaborating on something?  I belong to the ACDA—American Choral Directors Association—and we have been encouraged by our Executive Director to collaborate in our communities with other arts organizations. It makes so much sense in this economy to pool our resources with others so we all can benefit.   So how can I reach out and collaborate?

A few years ago, the late Etel Billig asked the chamber choir I conduct, the MMS, to sing madrigals at one of the ITC Summer Shakespeare Fests—we did and were delighted working with each other. Etel and I vowed we would do it again and it is to my everlasting regret we didn’t have a chance.  I would love to do something like that again…but what?

I think it would be wonderful to do a “Pictures at an Exhibition” type thing—maybe Stained Glass artists for a sacred concert and other art media for a secular concert.  What about dancers or gymnasts?  What do you think about one of the local theater troupes doing readings of the poets we program (we did a program of Shakespeare settings a few years ago, and have sung settings of Shelley and ee cummings as well)?  And of course, we could join forces with other musical performing groups to do something AMAZING!

I am always willing to try something new, something different and I love thinking outside of the box. And this Arts Collaboration thing has got me thinking! I’d love to have your comments and have you audition to be a part of whatever we come up with.

There’s still plenty of time to audition for the MMS this summer and if you would like to make an audition appointment either call the MMS phone (708)206-0380 and leave a message or email:

 More information is also on our website:

Hope to hear from you soon



Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA
on July 22, 2012 12:49pm
   Thanks for responding.  I love collaborating.  The Renee Flemings story is great, LOL.  The band my children are recording for has the most unique and wonderful idea I have seen and I am going to copy them.  They have two live artists painting on stage while they perform.  The easel's spin so they apply the brush strokes while they spin to give them an inspiring place to start.  I have been to three of their concerts this summer and the art always adds greatly to the show.  At the end of the show they auction the paintings off and clear over $1,000 each.  What a great way to involve other media and to raise money!  
   Directors of adult ensembles often involve children's choirs in their events to boost ticket sales but I hadn't really thought of that as a recruitment tool.  Collaborating has a lot of benefits, thanks for pointing out this particular use.  Sending out a letter fishing for collaborative opportunities is inspired.  I am in the process of looking for someone to help with starting a Joyful Noise choir which I know is a cause dear to your heart.  If my personal leads dry up I may send out a general letter and press release like yours and include info about the choir to attract singers and director alike.   You gotta love ChoralNet.  So many great ideas. Thanks Jim Feiszli.
on July 22, 2012 2:49pm
Interestingly, Jack, the editor of our local Patch chose my piece about Renee Fleming/Second City  to be "news" this morning.  They even put a picture of music notes to fill the story out.  And I'm hoping I get a few new bodies to audition--I need a low bass and more second sopranos to replace a few folks who are moving/having job conflicts.
You better get a move on with your Joyful Noise clone--we in Illinois will have two choirs this fall!
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on July 22, 2012 10:58pm
That's great Marie.   I am so glad that so many marginalized people are getting the chance to be creative and share their intrinsic value with the community.  Keep promoting! The other ensemble I want to get going is an 18 month to 3 year old choir.  The Czech Boy Choir has one of these and they said at the North Centeral ACDA convention that it is a cornerstone fo their program.  
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