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Performance Practice Resources?

Going into my second year directing my school's very small (6-10 voices) student-run Renaissance chamber group (a cappella), and it's occurred to me that I don't actually know all that much about performance practice. I mean, I know that in a motet/polyphony in general, you're supposed to shape your line according to text stresses, contour etc., and I've done a bit of work with rebarring/reconceptualizing meter/getting rid of barlines so that text-stresses actually fall in the right place, the text makes sense, etc. But I don't know what, interpretationally, sets the music of Josquin apart from that of Palestrina (i.e. early Renaissance vs. High Renaissance). I don't ACTUALLY know of anything special to do when singing a madrigal, other than sing the words and notes on the page and try to match the affect.
So: are there any resources any of you could recommend about this sort of thing? I.e. performance practice information with any degree of specificity, I'll look at any of it--"Renaissance motets" in general to "early Renaissance motets" to "Renaissance motets by Italian composers" or what have you. (And obviously, not restricted to motets by any means...) Suggestions? (Of course, if you have specific answers to my questions, I'm certainly interested in hearing those as well--send me an email!) Thank you!
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