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SURVEY- Please take this short survey if you are a career musician

Location: New York, USA
I seek your participation in a research study that investigates career musicians; specifically, what factors contributed to your entry into a musical career and how the constructs of hope and musical flow relate to your music making.

This survey has been approved for distribution by the Hofstra University IRB and by the Interlochen Center for the Arts.  If you still need more information or a complete copy of the survey, I would be happy to send you that, as well.

If you are a career musician, you are welcome to take (and check out) the survey yourself at:
This is an anonymous survey on the making of career musicians.  Please take this survey (it takes less than 10 minutes!) and share the link with your musician colleagues via email and/or facebook.  Your help in taking and distributing this survey will be beneficial to music education research.
Thank you,
Doreen Fryling