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Location: Finland
Verona Garda Estate is among the most requested and popular festivals with choirs coming from around the world. It is distinguished from other events by presenting the feeling of a celebration among friends who have gathered together to enjoy music. The choirs live and go through intensive days during which they meet with other choirs, have several concerts and see different cities. The Veneto region offers a unique legacy of history as well as traditions which are a result of a culture formed by a group of different peoples over the centuries.
The event, since the first edition, was designed and built as a four-day-concert tour through the major cultural and artistic centers of the regions of Veneto and Lombardy. During this process the choirs have also the opportunity to socialize by sharing their musical experiences, preparing one or more songs that will then be performed in concert together.
The variety of the musical venues together with all the other proposed events as well as the vast repertoire performed raise the Festival not only as one of the most spectacular international choral events but also as an unique meeting point of different cultures in the name of universal brotherhood, harmony and peace.
The festival is devided in four equal parts:
  • First part: 27. June - 1. July 2013
  • Second part: 4.-8. July 2013
  • Third part: 11.-15. July 2013
  • Fourth part: 18.-22. July 2013
Every choir can choose the most suitable part in which it participates. In each festival part 7-8 choirs will be accepted. The participating choirs should prepare two different kinds of programs, one sacred and one profane. The length of each program should be 30-40 minutes.

Founded in 2007 the festival has already had more than 150 participating choirs coming from all over the world. Also several Italian choirs have been heard. The variety of the presented programs and the locations of the events make the festival an interesting and highly sought meeting point for wide audiences.
Enquiries: hanna.valkonen(at)