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Choral Conduting - MM or MA?

We are researching Choral Conducting Masters programs and are considering whether MA or MM is the best fit for us.
I personally have a MM, but I know some schools offer MA programs and we are trying to determine the relative benefits
of each program for our institution and for prospective students.
For those who have a Masters, which did you choose and what has been the result?
Does it make any difference as far as admission to Doctoral study?
What is the difference in terms of curriculum and structure?
Any other advice?
Grace and peace,
Larry Smith
MIssouri Baptist University
St. Louis MO
on August 16, 2012 10:17am
For us, the distinction has been that the M Mus is focused on performance disciplines, whereas the MA is more directed at scholarship and research (theory, musicology, ethnomusicology).  For our conducting program we chose the M Mus route, but our program requirements do have some elements of the MA model included, i.e., a short scholarly essay involving a first and second reader (no scheduled defense) is part of the capping exercise, along with a juried recital.  We felt this would prepare our graduates more effectively for DMA or D Mus studies in conducting, in providing a balance between performance and scholarly preparation, and from the results of our program over the past two decades I think it has done that quite well.
That said, I am not sure there is any universally accepted approach to the use of these terms in universities across North America.  At Iowa for example, where I studied, the Masters in conducting was an MA and the doctorate was a DMA.
Len Ratzlaff
University of Alberta
on July 30, 2013 11:57am
I am looking for a decent choral conducting program in Michigan, that has some element of early music as well. I have a Master's from Stanford University in Early Music, mostly vocal.
Thank you for your  replies.
Doris Williams
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