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Christmas Cantata Ideas

Hello all:
I'm a new member here, and I am looking for ideas for this year's Christmas Cantata.  I figured I'd reach out to those that may have presented an extremely well received Cantata in the past.  We are a smaller UCC congregation in St. Louis.  We will have about 20 members in our adult Chancel Choir.  We present our Christmas Cantata during service during Advent.  I think December 15th this year.  We are moving towards a more blended service so I will be needing something that (hopefully)  incorporates traditional songs with lively, more current pieces.  I also love to include the congregation and children's choir (although they present their own progam so the easier the better).  Last year, we did a make your own cantata, but this year I'd really like to do a pre written one.  Its easier on me, and the choir.  I let the choir pick their favorite numbers from previous cantatas so it ended up being quite difficult.  I did some arranging, and everyone wrote narration.  We can do this again, but I thought I'd see what was out there..  Any ideas?  We have many talented musicians as well, but not a full orchestra so instrument inclusion is a major plus.  
on August 14, 2012 7:25am
HI Anna,
This past year at Fatih United Protestant in Park Forest, IL, we did John Purifoy's This Day of Celebration, and it went over really well. It is fairly accessible, included the children's choir on one selection, involved the congregation in a hymn-sing, has a couple of solos, and has opional scoring for brass.  We performed it with an adult choir of approx. 35, piano, and a brass quartet. I am not sure if it is still in print, so I'd be happy to share my books if you find you want to do it.
Good Luck!
Rob Calhoon
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