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Song for graduation

Fellow choir directors,
I am a graduate student teaching part-time at a Classical Christian school in Texas.  This is my second year, and I am making an effort to prepare for the year in advance.  Last year, my 5-6th grade choir was asked to sing at the awards ceremony, and my 7-12th grade choir at graduation.  Does anyone have any good suggestions for pieces for them to sing this year?
My 5-6 choir will be huge this year, and they are very quick learners, so they can handle something a little more challenging.  I am still learning the ranges and voices of this year's 7-12 choir, but I think I will need something SATB in the medium-easy to medium range.  Something in Latin would be great, since they all learn Latin in school.  Sacred would be good too, but certainly not required.
I would appreciate any suggestions.  Thank you!
-Andrea Loer
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on September 2, 2012 7:09pm
Our high school graduates anually shed tears to "Leave No Song Unsung," by Linda Spevacek.  We are a womens' high school, so we sing the SSA version, but there is also an SATB version.  It's inspirational, mentions "a glimpse of God," so it has at least a sacred reference, and works both accompanied and a capella.  Parents, faculty, and students all love it.
Kathleen Vadala
Elizabeth Seton High School
on September 8, 2012 9:00am
This is the very first time i have responded to any posting at Choralnet with any offer of my own pieces for performance. It just so happens that I started a tradition 18 years ago at my school where i write a piece every year for graduation for the senior choir members to sing. I teach at a small school, so i typically only have 15-20 singers for the piece, and usually not a lot of rehearsal time. The pieces are all medium easy or medium. All accompanied, some with other instruments. All are in English, however, but i do take great care to pick excellent texts that reflect the emotion of a graduation ceremony. Some poets i have used: Rumi, Thomas Lovell Beddoes, Robert Frost, Li Po, William Stafford, Rainer Maria Rilke, etc. If you are interested, i would love to send you some or give more details.
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