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Collegiate Vocal Jazz group looking for New Orleans Destination Tour

I know this is a terrible time to even mention this (mid-floods), but you know we have to plan way ahead! SO!
My 8 voice collegiate vocal jazz group with trio would like to go to New Orleans on their tour this year. We are in St. Louis, at Missouri Baptist University. We'd like places to sing on the way down, if we can. We do a secular program of course, but we do have a couple of sacred pieces ("This Little Light of Mine", arr. Kirk Marcy and Rutherford's arr of Ellington's "Come Sunday") that might suit a church if they are OK with jazz and drums. When we get to New Orleans we'd like to sing for a festival, tho' all I see on the 'net is THE Jazz festival, which of course is not quite our level!
If anyone knows of anything going on in early May, please let me know. We actually finish school at the end of April, with Commencement April 30. I'd like to leave as soon after as possible. I lived in Pineville/Alexandria, LA, for almost 20 years so I know the Big Easy, but been gone 20 years, so need some folks who are still there to connect if you can.
Thanks in advance for your help!
(Mrs.) Pat Lacey
Vocal jazz...and so much more
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