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Photocopy permission from Composers

Hello Composers,
I just ran into a problem getting pdf scores copied at a printing store. The store would, rightly, not copy the music for my choir without proof of permission. I paid for the scores in two ways: 1) by paypal, and 2) by receiving an invoice. In both cases I took in the printed emails from the composers confirming payment with the attached pdf's. Neither was accepted at the store. They insisted upon a signed permission note. 
I try to make things easy for my librarians and tell them to just take the piece to the store and ask them to print it and then come back to pick it up. Clearly, the store is behind the times, but in the meantime, can composers please attach a permission note along with the pdf's so the store will accept the job?
I'm not asking for responses, just putting this suggestion out there. 
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on August 30, 2012 12:57pm
When I license my works to a conductor through the pdf/photocopy method, I print at the bottom, near the copyright, something like this:
"Permission for the XYZ School District to photocopy 45 copies of this piece of music."
When I send a pdf for perusal or single-sale, I print at the bottom:
"The unauthorized copying of the whole or any part of this publication is illegal."
If a conductor needs a different kind of proof, I will either write a separate note or sign/scan a separate note for the copy store or staff services department of their school.
Lee Kesselman
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on September 1, 2012 2:19am
Handy to know. I put a line at the top of each pdf stating "This electronic pdf may be printed and copied for the use of" (insert choir name here), so hopefully all you'd need is something to prove you're from the choir. Most of the choirs I've worked with so far have access to their own photocopying facilities in-house, so this hasn't been an issue to date.
on September 2, 2012 5:36am
My licenses explicitly state the group has the right to make up to a specified number of copies.  Although electronicaly generated, my "signature" is on them in a script font with blue ink.  That seems to have worked so far.  But one time as I was producing my own recordings, the choral contractor I'd engaged went to have copies made for the singers we'd hired and the copy shop turned her away for unauthorized copying!  I had to fax in a special note from overseas for them.  Lesson learned for her and me -- and I say good for the copy shop for being careful!
Christopher J. Hoh
on September 2, 2012 2:16pm
Hi Karen,
Does it not help if you are licenced with CCLI ( or Decani Music ( where you can subscribe to licences to
photocopy or reproduce music copies covering a wide range of publishers & composers.
Hope this helps,
John R.
on September 3, 2012 1:15pm
Thank you for that lead. Part of the rock I live under.
on September 4, 2012 7:02am
CCLI at least (or the other U.S. licensing agencies, and LicenSing) do not provide for the copying of choral scores at all. Their use is for the reprinting or reproduction of congregational songs.
Selah Publishing Co., Inc.
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