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Displaying Music

I live and teach in a technology rich envoronment.  Every classroom in our county has a promethean board, document camera, laptop, and ceiling mounted data projector.  My students all have copies of whatever music we are singing.  I want to display the music on the board in addition to them holding the actual octavo so it is easy for me to help guide them with certain places we are making markings, and to help explain the new concepts.  The ActivInspire software (comes with the promethean board) is great for marking on music when I scan it into the program but I want to make sure we are not violating copyright.  Is this a violation of copyright? 
on September 4, 2012 12:25pm
I doubt it.  There are many exclusions for educational fair use.  But I am not an expert.  You could find the copyright laws on the internet.
on September 5, 2012 2:02pm
It probably is illegal and here is why there is some moral reasoning behind it.  When you are done with the song this year, what are you going to do with the file?  Will you save it for future use so you do not have to recreate your edits and markings?   Many people would. 
This would be a better solution:  Do you have an ELMO or can you use a digital camera to project the image live without recording?  That way you can keep your marked copy of the score for future reference and are safer legally. 
I applaud you for your concern and dedication to try and protect yourself and the copyright owners.   In this modern time of dwindling union protections for teachers, it is wise to stay inside the legal lines. An employer that wants to reduce the labor force, or replace you with their own child with a music degree may be able to use such minor infractions against you.  Beyond that, we all take minor legal risks outside of the law. I have as a personal use rule, "Consider if there is anyway I am preventing the rights holder from income they deserve, whether I have the funds or not?" 
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