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Bring YOUR choir to EUROPE !!!

Location: France
Hello I am a professor of Choral Conducting based in France but working and teaching all over Europe. I am presently the founder and director of several mass European choirs, classical and gospel up to 350 singers. 
I also am a professional International Tour Operator working mainly with choirs from the USA and Canada on tour throughout Europe singing in the most prestigious cathedrals that Europe has to offer... Notre Dame de Paris, San Marco Basilica in Venise, Duomo in Milano, Dom in Salzburg (Mozart's cathedral), all the cathedrals of France, Mets, Strasbourg, Rouen, Chartres, Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Monaco cathedral, St. Michaels in Munich etc. etc. to mention just a few... 
If you are interested in bringing your choir on a European tour, please feel free to contact me. I will organize all the land portion of your tour... you just have to look after the flights to and from Europe and the travel insurance. It will be a great pleasure for me to set up a tour of a life time for you and your choir ! 
Looking forward to hearing from you !!