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Tips for Study-at-Home of Large Choral Works

Our church choir at Holy Cross Lutheran Church will be performing Vivaldi's Gloria in D RV 589 this Advent. One choir member requested that I record each movement by playing the piano while I sing each voice part. Can you imagine the hours that would take! Needless to say, as a women, it would be impossible for me to sing the bass or tenor part in their vocal range! I clicked on an advertisement I saw somewhere (maybe it was here on ChoralNet :) for SingleParts, a business that offers CDs where a professional sings the individual choral part clearly over a background underlay of the full orchestra and chorus. Each CD for the work we're doing was about $21. Expensive, but very cool!
As a free alternative, I also offered my choir instructions how to access our local Community College's "Music Online" database which, for library card holders (which is free to county residents), offered several CD recordings of the work we're learning. Simply clicking the title, opens a little player window that enables a listener to play, pause, and skip to any track. I imagine that if our Dupage Community College has such resources that perhaps many others do as well.
I know that many people turn to YouTube to learn new music. But YouTube videos are limited to about 10 minutes or so. The work we're doing is more like 30 minutes.
on October 1, 2012 9:48am
Have you tried CyberBass? They have midi files of parts as well as tutti of many major works, including the Gloria. It's not singing--it's keyboard, but the parts are pretty clearly delineated.
Good luck,
Nancy Gibbs
on October 1, 2012 10:43am
I'm not sure Youtube has a strictly enforced 10-minuite limit.  The entire Verdi Requiem, for example, is available as a single video:  -- almost 1.5 hrs long.
That said, you can find "segmented" videos of the Vivaldi Gloria.  Here's the entire work in 3 segments on Youtube:
This is just one example -- search on "Vivaldi Gloria" and you'll find several recordings of the varioius movements.
Also, I second the motion for Cyberbass -- it's not perfect, but it works pretty well for part-specific note learning.  Pronunciation is another matter. :-)
Lana Mountford
Bellingham, WA
on October 2, 2012 3:09pm
Try the Choirpart Channel on YouTube.  I just checked, and I believe most of the work is included.  You can get each part, played on Midi I believe, separted and highlighted.  Type in Choirpart and Vivaldi Gloria and see what you get.
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