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GUEST BLOG: "Confessions Of An Outsider," by Varda Hardy

CONFESSIONS OF AN OUTSIDER ~ by Varda Hardy (director of the documentary BIG VOICE...dare to dream)
A year ago I launched into production on BIG VOICE, a documentary about the challenging musical journey of a high school choir director and his most advanced co-ed ensemble.  We have completed principal photography and begun the extensive post-production process--weaving together this story of extraordinary passion, aspiration, teenage struggle, breakthroughs and music.
A choir conductor recently expressed curiosity at my passion for BIG VOICE. You see, in the choral world, I am an outsider. I am not a choir teacher, or a conductor.  I don’t even sing in a choir. So, what moves me to make BIG VOICE?  The belief that our society needs a real life story full of possibility, a story revealing that with clear intention, hard work and determination we can enrich the world around us in a most meaningful way.
I want to show what it takes to achieve excellence in the arts and the value of this effort. Because of the profoundly positive impact choir has on students’ lives, I want BIG VOICE to inspire communities across the country to adopt and fund choir programs in their schools.  
As I edit hours of footage I will do so with the inspiring voices of the choir nourishing my spirit. Please join me in bringing BIG VOICE to the screen.
on October 16, 2012 5:14am
Please keep us informed how, when and where we can watch this.  Sounds inspiring.
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