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Treble piece with orchestra for 8th grade girls choir

Hello everyone,
I have an 8th grade girls choir with 40 students.  We are singing mostly 2-part this early in the year, but can also manage 3-part.  I would like to find a song that we can do with the advanced 8th grade orchestra at my school for a concert in February.  Orchestra has about 16 students in it and has violin, viola, cello, and bass represented.  Has anyone done anything that has worked out well or heard of anything that might fit the bill?  Style and tempo don't matter.  We're open to anything.
Thanks for your time,
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on October 8, 2012 6:23am
I Dream of Peace - Jager - Hal Leonard 8741831   19 minutes
This is an amazing piece and wonderful teaching tool for that age group. Similar in one sense to I Never Saw Another Butterfly, the text comes from writings collected from children who were victims of Bosnian struggle of the 1990's. We prepped by inviting an American military intelligence officer who was there at that time to talk about the experience. The orchestra part is playable by amateurs, and there are many short solos. We staged it and ran a photo collage on a projector while we sang. I found a photographer who was there and had taken hundreds of images. We also scanned photos from books borrowed from the military officer.  Doreen Rao presented it at a national ACDA conference in Chicago with a group of singers from several children's choruses. It was very moving. 
I encourage you to look into it.
Judy DuBose
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