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School Reputations

I have been doing a lot of research in finding a school that will be a good fit for me to earn my masters in music.  I have been looking at summer programs,  and have narrowed my search down to four schools.  There are a lot of pros and cons with each school and I have been able to adequately do my own leg work in weighing those.  However, I am curious about reputation of the school/music program.  I would love to have anyone give feedback on what they might know about a school/program or alumni from these programs.  I don't think it is good professional ettiquite to give negative feedback about schools on a public forum.  If there is something negative that you feel I must know please email me.  Otherwise I am trying to get a feel for whether a school has a a good record of producing good director/teachers at the secondary or higher ed. level, or has generally a good "buzz"/rep.
So the schools:
Lynchburg College - Lynchburg VA
Appalachian St. U - Boone NC
Austin Peay - Clarksville TN
Kansas St. - Manhattan KS
Thank you in advance!
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