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October 2012 ChoraLink

ACDA Eastern Division ChoraLink


October 2012



This issue of ChoraLink is sponsored by Messiah College.


Dear colleagues,


Happy autumn! I am pleased and honored to write this first ChoraLink message as I assume the presidency of Eastern Division. By this time, I imagine that we are all settled into our respective rituals whether they take place in the classroom, church, synagogue or community spaces. Over the past few months, while you have been gearing up your programs, the leadership of ACDA East has been busy visioning, planning and setting goals for the Division. Keep an eye out for information in the coming months as new initiatives are unveiled.


As we resume ChoraLink, on behalf of the Division I wish to thank Bob Eaton, Vice President of the Division, for his untiring commitment and service to the Eastern Division over the past two years as President. Bob's efforts in serving our Division culminated in a very successful conference in Providence that (1) introduced the first honor choir in the country devoted to Latino repertoire, (2) brought focus to music in underserved and marginalized communities, and (3) attracted the largest student population to our conference in history.


The Division also recognizes the diligence of Lonnie Arnold (NY), as he ends his third term as treasurer for Eastern Division. Lonnie over the past six years has overseen the financial health of the Division and has been responsible for all finances related to our past conferences in Hartford (2008), Philadelphia (2010) and Providence (2012).


Professional Development Opportunities


Over the summer many state summer conferences took place, and more opportunities for professional development are on the way. Registration is now open for the ACDA National Conference in Dallas, TX from March 13-16. Please take time to register for the conference and reserve hotel space quickly.



Upcoming Conferences

National Conference                   Mar. 13-16, 2013
Dallas, Texas                   


Eastern Division Conference        Feb. 5-8, 2014

Baltimore, Maryland        


Included below are opportunities related to professional development and new ACDA offerings on iTunes. I hope you are making plans to attend one of these ACDA events, as the offerings across the board are very strong and inspiring.  


For Your Recreational Listening


Recordings of all concert sessions from the 2012 Eastern Division conference in Providence are now available on iTunes. If you are interested, please click here:



In closing, please find at this link the 2012 convocation address given by Karl Paulnack at Boston Conservatory. The address articulates so eloquently why each of us recommit ourselves each day to our art and to one another.


With best regards,



Bob Duff

President, ACDA Eastern Division



Messiah - Oct '12   
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