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Promotional photos of that include printed music

To the best of your knowledge, is there any copyright violation when an organization has promotional candid pictures of rehearsal in which the title of the music the choir is singing is plainly visible? 
Last year our GD brushed out all titles that appeared in photos to avoid any copyright violation. This year I told her it was an unnecessary step, as most publishers/composers would appreciate the free publicity. Is that a safe assumption? I can't imagine that the likeness of the front page of a Lawson-Gould publication (for instance) would be so tightly protected that it couldn't appear in promotional material of the choir. However, assumptions can come back to haunt you, so I thought I would ask.
Thank you for your responses.
Garrett Lathe
Artistic Director
Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota
on November 3, 2012 9:55am
Garrett:  Unlike many copyright questions, this one has a simple answer!  Titles cannot be copyrighted!!!  Therefore there is no possibility of a violation.  (Chord progressions cannot be copyrighted either; otherwise some unknow person would "own" the 12-bar blues progression!)
European copyright does include something U.S. law does not and never has, protection for typographical page layout.  But if you're in the U.S. that shouldn't ever be a factor, even for Euoropean-published scores.
All the best,
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