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Winter Music

Hello, can anyone suggest simple pieces about the Winter Solstice for two or three voices? SA, ST, AT, SST, SAT? (The tenore voice can also be baritone, just not bass).
Anything concerning:
Saturnalia festival of ancient Rome
Panevin ( from the Veneto - Friuli Venezia Giulia region, where it is celebrated with bonfires)
Songs about fire and earth
- Does this make sense?
Thank you,
on November 9, 2012 9:04am
Please consiider my "A Carol for the Wanderer" from Canasg Music: 
Scored for SATB or TB and piano, it works with SA or S(T)B
"This pagan midwinter carol welcomes Odin (All-Father or Wanderer — the god of wisdom, magic, poetry and music) to the feast. The melody is a dance tune by the 18th century French composer Marin Marais, traditionally used for the carol Masters in this hall.

In Andrew Adams' enjoyable setting, different pairings of voices echo off each other antiphonally and then come together again, creating cascades of repeated phrases and bursts of effective unison.

An optional piano part uses mostly open chords with no third, as well as playful echoes of the melody line played in thirds and octaves."
Andrew Adams
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