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An invitation to participate in a short survey on rehearsal pedagogies that you use

Dear all
I am researching the techniques that we, as choral conductors and directors use in our rehearsals when rehearsing new or unfamiliar music with our choirs. Whilst interested in the approaches taken by conductors of all types of choirs, my interest lies in how conductors of community choirs go about this task. 
My personal experience with community choirs has been that we have a wonderful group of enthusiastic singers, but a wide variety of levels of musical knowledge and, in particular, the ability to independently learn their part.
So my interest in how we as directors manage this, maintaining the interest of those who (for want of a better description) read well while others learn.
I have compiled a short survey, which should not take more than about 15 minutes of your time to complete. It can be found at;
There is no capacity to identify individual respondents from within the survey. If interested, I would be pleased to continue conversation with you through private email.
Thank you in advance for sharing your knowledge and wisdom. 
Andrew Blackburn.
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