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In the interest of getting the ball rolling: Christmas Caroling

Are any other chapters pursuing this as a means of funding? We are, and it's working out quite well for us. It's helping us get more of our members to the national conference in a big way.
Venues we're pursuing:
-Our Law School's Christmas party
-Local churches
-Local town hall Christmas celebrations (christmas tree lightings, parades, star raisings, etc)
-Private contacts for personal Christmas Parties (you'd be surprised what some people will pay to have you come sing at their house for their friends/business aquaintences)
How we're doing it:
-A packet of music (about 10-15 songs)
-This packet is printed and distributed to our members who are trying to go to the national conference
-The music must be learned ON YOUR OWN
-We have 2-3 rehearsals beforehand
-The caroling season begins, we meet up to get costumes, warm up, and carpool to each destination
Has anyone else tried this? Do you have any suggestions? Let's get some talks going!
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