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What are you willing to do to get your members to the national convention?

Here's what we're doing:
-Christmas Caroling
-Petitoning our SGA Senate for as much funding as possible
-Participating in the quartet scholarship opportunity to be in a "test choir" for a choral conducting workshop
-Our members are applying through our state representives for scholarships to pay for conference costs
What is your chapter doing? Do you have any ideas on how to best carry out the ones listed here?
on January 14, 2013 5:09pm
Hi! I'm the Treasurer of ACDA at Western Michigan University and we have also been trying to fundraise A LOT to make convention virtually free for our members wanting to attend. Our biggest undertaking this year was to create a "college friendly" cookbook featuring recipes from members of the faculty at our University. We have over 200 recipes total between faculty contributions and recipes from our members. We're hoping to make a lot of money this way, as this fundraiser is ongoing. 
We also have been organzing a couple "can drives" where we go to specific neighborhoods and ask if we can take their returnable cans or bottles (this is something that is limited to Michigan and a couple other states) so we get the 10 cent deposit back in the grcoery store. It is a tedious task to count up all of the cans and bottles but the money does add up. 
Most importantly, we write grants to organizations at our University. Our honors college always likes to fund student projects so we get contributions from there, and this year we are planning on writing to the University itself and our College of Fine Arts (umbrellas over music, art, dance, and theater). We sponsored a grant writing workshop last year open to all music majors and honed our skills after that! :)
on July 1, 2013 11:17am
I would love to get some more collegiate ACDA chapters to join this discussion! I have some ideas on petitioning your school senate for funding.
The first and most important part of receiving funding is staying in good standing with every organization (Club Senate, Student Academic Senate, the Board of Directors, etc.). Fill out paperwork early and give yourself wiggle room to make and correct mistakes. Update rosters and make sure every member is accounted for immediately following additions to your chapter. Attend the meetings so that your "club" is represented to each organization. Sometimes these meetings are mandatory for maintaining good standing, so electing a dependable representative is crucial for future funding requests.
To prove to the funding source that your club deserves to go to convention, here are some preemptive tactics to give an advantage:
1) Fundraising before the presentation (and after) will show the funding source you have put an effort toward achieving your financial goal. Like you've said, caroling is a great start. Here are some other possibilities.
  • Valentine's Day "Sing-o-Grams" are a great hit at our school. I have coordinated this event for 3 years now, and it makes well over $100 with 10 people, and I'm sure we could optimize the profit with better planning. Feel free to email me with questions on how to execute this activity.
  • The simple and classic car wash at the beginning of the year when weather is warm and students have money might work. It takes time but it is also a great way to build community within your chapter.
  • Some music departments have a stock t-shirt/logo, but if not try creating a general t-shirt and selling them at the beginning of the year for a profit. Ours say "Music at Central" (for Central Washington University) with a splash of instruments in the background. Again email me for the logo.
  • Finally, selling pizza one consistent day during the week makes a few dollars each week, but looks great to funding sources! We would start by buying 4 large pizzas of different toppings, and gauge how much to buy from there. You can also add chips, soda, water, and anything else you see fit. Try getting a credit card reader that attaches to will help in the long run!
2) If you have a faculty member from your school presenting at convention, try asking them if they will use your group in the presentation. They could use you as a clinic choir, or even for live examples. This way you can justify to your funding source why you need to attend conference.
3) Work at convention! It will cover part of the cost, and you will have a great time learning about how directors teach behind the stage.
Hope this helps! Email with questions, and feel free to reply and invite your chapter to join ChoralNet!
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