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Fundraising ideas?

So, for the 2013 budget at my congregation, I've been asked to cut 32% of my budget. The budget requested was $6,266, which included purchasing absolutely no new music, paid for tuning of instruments, and focused on outreach to the community toward events every other month we've been calling Fun Nights, to bring in a local musician, and have fellowship, along with doing a music camp for the community. The expectation from the church leadership is that if these things want to be done, because there is no budgeted money, fundraising can happen. I'm a musician, not a fundraiser, so to make these things happen, I'm going to need to be creative and busy as a fundraiser. Any ideas and suggestions that you have done?
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on December 2, 2012 5:51pm
Thanks all! Great ideas! I'm not really looking at purchasing any new music in 2013, either composing myself or using what we've got. It's to do outreach events like concerts and a music camp for kids. But I will definitely look at what was suggested.
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