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Children's Musical groups

My congregation has had a good amount of kids involved in music groups over the years. So much so that we've gotten to the point of a K-3 grade choir, K-3 chimes choir and 4-8 grade choir and 4-8 grade handbell choir. Currently, due to schedules and numbers diminishing, I'm left with 7 in the younger groups and 9-10 in the older groups. My challenge is that a good portion of those are siblings, so if one or two can't come, instead of 7, I'm down to 3-4, which feels like I'm wasting their time to try to practice chimes or handbells. One of the thoughts that I'm considering is coming to make two K-8 grade groups. We have enough chimes to do this, and I think we could figure something out for choir. Any thoughts, experiences, ideas as I'm considering this? The other part of it on my end is that it makes for less time spent in rehearsals (and frustration) on my part!
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