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Sing It! A Workshop in Historic A Cappella Traditions

Coming in January-February - Sing It! A Workshop in Historic A Cappella Traditions
  • Great opportunities for young singers in grades 8 - 12. 
  • Workshops specifically for teachers on pedagogy!
  • Low cost! $50 for teachers (solo); $25 for teachers bringing 5 students  + $25 for each student
  • Sessions:
    • Americana: Shape-notes, Hambone and Lonely Songs (Moira Smiley)
    • African-American spirituals from the Cotton Field to the Concert Stage (J. Donald Dumpson)
    • South African Singing and Dancing! (Steven Fisher)
  • Saturday February 2, 2013, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM at Moravian College, Foy Hall, Bethlehem, PA.
Spots are limited! Contact Joy Hirokawa at for more information.
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