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Help supply missing demo

Am planning to do Stan Pethel's arrangement of Could This Be The Messiah - 2001 Belwin/Warner publication
I have the octavos - never ordered the PA CD and really don't use those except for demo use.
What I can't find is my demo CD with a full performance on it.  AAAAaagh!  I have it somewhere but of course IT did not get in the file of those I do have!!
Reason I would like it is for a drummer to hear what was done as far as accompaniment.
He is going to be home for Christmas from college, but not in time to actually practice with the choir except on Christmas Eve.
He probably can jump in and cover it anyway, but thought I could let him hear it before THE DAY/EVENING of.....
If anyone has it and is able to ship me an mp3 file I would greatly appreciate it.
I called Alfred and they don't keep past files of demos for future "frantic requests" like mine (not their words by the way).
The only other thing I have not done is call aroud to various music stores with choral files to see if they have the PA CD.
Thought I'd punch this out to the Worship world and see if anyone can help.  Did call Pepper and they don't have it.
Let me know if you can help.  thanks
on December 13, 2012 7:03pm
Ok.... so I'll reply to my ownpost - found out where the demo Could This Be... is -
on Pepper's Choral Workshop - Church Edition 2001 Disc # 1
How do I know that you ask?  I found the disc in my next search of discs I have.
That's the good news.  The bad news it is unplayable. sad
So if anyone has  that 2001 Pepper catalog of Church tunes - 
would love to connect to Pethel's arrangement demo on Disc One - #18
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