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Survey of Voice Techniques for Young Male Singers

Hello everyone, my name is Brianna Connaughton.
I am currently working on my Thesis which involves a survey of Teachers who have achieved a Masters in Music. 
I am putting together( as the final project) a handbook for beginning female teachers for the intruction on male voice. 
In order to complete my project, I have to have 30 completed surveys
PLEASE PLEASE if you have a Masters in music and have 5-10 minutes to complete my survey (which asks for voice exerciese and repetoire for adolecent male voices), 
please contact me and I will forward you the survey--thank you so much! so many young teachers will benefit from your knowlege
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on April 12, 2013 2:18pm
why should a degree in music necessarily imply an understanding of vocal technique? There are far too many pianists and the like who consider their musical credentials qualify them to teach voice
on May 15, 2013 12:25pm
Hi Brianna,
I'd love to see a copy of your research when you have a chance - I have been teaching private voice for 15 years, and my work with male students has always been challenging but very rewarding.  Thank you!
Heather Batey
Birmingham, AL
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