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Have just taken over directing Catholic church choir- anthem repertoire ideas through Ash Wednesday needed

Hi all!
I have been a professional musician for over 30 yrs with extensive high-level performance and training (clarinetist, operatic tenor, musicologist, conductor). I have extensive choral experience as well, in and out of churches (grew up Catholic and sang in many great Catholic church choirs, was a hired chorister in an Episcopal choir, and a hired tenor soloist/section leader in a Presbyterian choir).
In the last few hours (literally!) I been appointed as Interim Director of Music at a Catholic church. The choir is good but volunteer and has fluctuating membership as far as I have observed (not many basses, lots of tenors, not many sopranos, some altos)--I just started singing with the choir for Advent and Christmas.  I have to come up with anthems for the choir from this Sunday (Jan. 6th- Epiphany) through at least Ash Wednesday (Feb. 13th) when, hopefully, the new Director should be hired and in place. I am asking for your help (church choir directors, Catholic ones especially?!:)) as far as repertoire suggestions. My initial ideas include: Mendelssohn "There Shall a Star from Jacob", "Lo, How a Rose", the Oxford Carols book, "O How Amiable" (VW), "Locus Iste" (Bruckner), "Ubi Caritas" (Durufle). I can probably recycle some of the recent Office of Readings and Carols lit as well ("The Blessed Son of God" (VW), "Verbum Caro"). I have a rehearsal tonight (Thursday eve) and would like to rehearse as much of this (or any of your suggestions) then. 
Thanks you all so much in advance for your ideas and suggestions!
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