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Seeking up tempo piece about Love

Dear List, 
Happy New Year. I've been fine tuning my repertoire for my choirs and am in need of an up tempo piece that would fall under the concert theme, "Our Heart's Delight". This would be for my Chamber Singers who number 25 and are voiced SSATB, but we do do some SATB rep. and also pieces where there is SA divisi. They are my top mixed ensemble, are capable sight readers, and have very good balance. They can handle advanced repertoire. 
My set so far for them is: Gaudete Omnes- Sweelinck, Das ist ein Kostliches ding- Schumann, Com Home-Peter Eldridge, El Manisero- Cuban Folk. 
Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom, 
Bruce Lengacher 
Acalanes High School
Lafayette, CA
on January 4, 2013 12:55pm
This may be out of scope, but we just put on-line the program of the New Year's Eve concert given by the workshop "En Musique l'An Neuf 2013"  (In Music the New Year 2013) that I shared with another clinician, Thierry Lequenne, from Belgium. The theme of the workshop was  "Love and famous lovers" (the latter for the costumed New Year's Eve dinner). See .
You may find there some "international" ideas.
All pieces can be searched in Musica database (
Hope this helps
on January 4, 2013 4:27pm
Two of my favorite pieces about "love"...may not be as upbeat as you want, but are SO beautiful and worth your consideration:
If Music Be the Food of Love - by David Dickau
I Love My Love - by Gustav Holst
on January 5, 2013 3:52am
I highly recommend "O, Love That Will Not Let Me Go". Check out on youtube The Westminster barbershop chorus performing it. The tempo is at your discretion as is the interpretation. Performed and directed this myself. It is definitely a can't go wrong piece.

Hope this helps as well!
Good luck!


on January 5, 2013 5:04am
I suggest:

Come Again (Sweet Love Doth Now Invite) - John Dowland's madrigal

Down With Love - from Hooray For What! by Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg (I have an SATB arrangement based on the King's Singers' version)

- Kathleen

on January 5, 2013 5:32am
Dear Bruce,
You might take a look at my piece, Love, thricewise, a set of three miniatures about...wait for  The outer movements are fast; the first has no divisi. 
It's published in the NCCO Choral Music Series and can be viewed/heard/ordered here:
Thanks for your time and consideration!
All the best, and Happy New Year,
Joseph Gregorio
on January 5, 2013 9:35am
Hello Bruce,
You might enjoy two 'contemporary' modal madrigals which I wrote, both of which won the CAMMAC prize for new choral music in consecutive years. They are both for SATB with some divisi, and are a cappella
They are: A Lover and His Lass, from Berandol ( and /works.html#P-Q) and Under the Greenwood Tree, from Waterloo Music (Canada).
They are both up tempo, though A Lover and His Lass is the quicker piece.
Donald Patriquin
2010 ACCC Associated Publishers Award
for New Choral Music
on January 5, 2013 12:16pm
Hello Bruce,
You might like to consider my SATB "Woody," based on a traditional Appalacian song, surrounded by birdsongs. Love-themed, upbeat, tricky, fun, room for some vocal experimentation with the birdsongs.
You can hear an excerpt and see the score at the link above; if you'd like to hear a recording of the entire piece, please contact me.
best wishes,
Anna Dembska
on January 5, 2013 12:44pm
Hello, Bruce:
If you like challenging your choir, try some of Ward Swingle's arrangements.  They are in SSAATTBB (usually), and are wonderful training pieces in rhythm, balance, and other factors in the choral performance that will benefit all your repertoire.  May I suggest When I'm 64, All the Things You Are, and It was a lover and his lass for repertoire that you seek..  Did I mention that they are fun to perform and rehearse?  All his tunes are published by the University of Northern Colorado Jazz Press.  You may hear a selection from his work by pros and amateurs alike at
Tony Pavao
on January 5, 2013 1:25pm
Hindmeth's Since all is Passing (from the 6 Chanson) is a very brief song of love.
on January 6, 2013 9:34am
Have a look at Marenzio's "Legiaddre ninfe" -
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