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Seeking score for Antonio Caldara's Maddalena

Location: California, USA
Item: Maddalena di piedi ai Cristo
Composer/Arranger/Edition: any that's available
Starting: anytime it's found!
For: Don't know
Copies: one
Willing to rent: No
I am seeking a copy of Antonio Caldara's exquisite oratorio Maddalena di piedi ai Cristo.  It is not easily found.  I have tried Choralwiki, IMSLP, Berkeley library, et al., to no avail.  I know some groups have performed it in Europe and I am trying to reach them, but not much luck so far.  Any leads or help would be gratefully appreciated!!  I would prefer to buy a copy rather than rent. Thanks for reading this!
Linda Price
Soprano, Marin Baroque Chamber Choir