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The mission of the ACDA is to inspire excellence in choral music through education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

Take the Reading Packet Quiz

Read the following two sentences then take this simple little quiz to check your Reading Packet I.Q. (we have provided a few HINTS):
Only those who PRE-REGISTER for the 2013 ACDA National Conference will receive reading packets in Dallas.  Pre-Registration runs through February 15, 2013.
WHO will receive Reading Packets in Dallas?
     [B] Nobody sees the wizard, not noway not nohow!
     [C] Three student members from Omaha
     [D] ACDA Wall of Honor inductees
WHEN is the Pre-Registration deadline for the ACDA National Conference?
     [A] February 15, 1910 (Boy Scouts of America founded)
     [B] February 15, 1950 (Walt Disney's Cinderella released)
     [D] February 15, 1903 (first Teddy Bear made in U.S.)
Those who Pre-Register by February 15, will get access to . . .
     [A] Spectacular concerts
     [B] Stimulating interest sessions
     [C] Reading packets
How do you get a Reading Packet at the 2013 ACDA National Conference?
     [B] Stomp your feet, pout, and whine
     [C] Consult a psychic
     [D] Wait for the government to give it to you
If you answered A, C, D, A, Congratulations . . . you win a cookie, and you know how to get a reading packet.  So, Pre-Register.