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2014 ICEP Selection Criteria and Application Guidelines

2014 ACDA International Conductors Exchange Program
Selection Criteria and Application Guidelines
The ACDA International Conductors Exchange Program (ICEP) was inaugurated in 2010 with a highly successful exchange with Cuba coinciding with the 2012 division conferences. In 2014, this extraordinary program will work with China and our partner, the China Chorus Association, to provide once again the opportunity to create meaningful international collaborations that will coincide with all seven division conferences.  To this end, we have established an ongoing exchange program of potential leaders from the U.S. choral community and their international counterparts.
In 2014, ACDA will host seven choral conductors from China who will travel to the U.S. to be official guests at the seven biannual division conferences. In turn, the China Chorus Association will host approximately seven conductors from the U.S. It is our intent that each visit will last approximately ten to fourteen days. Host countries will provide transportation to and from all venues, conference registration fees, housing for the duration of their stay, all, meals, and additional activities for all visiting conductors.
One visiting Chinese choral conductor will be featured at each of our 2014 ACDA division conferences. It is our hope that the selected U.S. and Chinese conductors will be present and able to host one another in their respective countries. Therefore, we will work to make sure the travel dates allow for this opportunity. The location and dates for each ACDA division conference are listed below:
  • EASTERN: February 3 – 8, Baltimore, Maryland
  • WESTERN: February 19 – 22, Santa Barbara, California
  • CENTRAL: February 27 – 1, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • SOUTHERN: March 5 – 8, Jacksonville, Florida
  • NORTHWESTERN: March 12 – 15, Seattle, Washington
  • SOUTHWESTERN: March 19 – 22, Little Rock, Arkansas
  • NORTH CENTRAL: March 18 – 22, Des Moines, Iowa
The objectives of the ACDA International Conductors Exchange Program are:
  1. To create connections between potential leaders of the U.S. choral community with counterparts across the globe.
  2. To forge stronger relationships between the American Choral Directors Association and choral associations across the world
  3. To raise the visibility and leadership role of the American Choral Directors Association in the global choral community.
Candidates will be requested to: 
  1. Be a current member of ACDA in good standing. Membership information can be found at
  2. Be an active choral conductor in a professional (remunerative) position.
  3. Submit a complete application portfolio including the following materials no later than June 1, 2013:
    1. Online Application Form – go to to access the online application form
    2. Statement of Purpose, which includes a forecast of how this experience may impact your work as a conductor and educator.
    3. Curriculum Vitae
    4. YouTube video submission (Please refer to the section on Video Submission Guidelines)
    5. Recent concert programs and/or lists of recently performed repertoire.
  4. Provide three letters of reference from a peer group of persons who are in a professional position to evaluate the candidate’s work. These letters should reflect a variety of points of view (e.g. administrator, fellow conductor, current or former faculty member).
  5. Be willing and able to share the responsibility of hosting, along with their respective ACDA division conferences, a reciprocal visit from a member of the appropriate country, most likely during the period of the ACDA division conferences in 2014.
  6. The candidate should include with their application a CV and a statement of purpose, including a forecast of how this experience might impact their future work.
Other Considerations
Candidates should expect to provide information relative to national background checks, as necessary in conformation to U.S. Homeland Security regulations and other government regulations.
It may be helpful, although not essential, for candidates to be fluent, or even marginally comfortable, in the host country’s language. Finalists will be encouraged to learn basic phrases in the language of the host country.
Emerging Conductors
Candidates who have not previously had a great deal of international conducting experience or opportunities traveling abroad will receive higher consideration.
The candidates should reflect a wide diversity of interests and accomplishments (church, high school, community, elementary, et al.). The Review Committee will consider a diversity of conductors (e.g. not all from one setting, such as Higher Education).
Application Deadline
Application Form must be completed by June 1, 2013.
Video Submission Guidelines
Audition Video, uploaded to YouTube no later than June 1, 2013 (
Video Length
Recording of rehearsal (12 – 15 minutes in length)
  1. Two selections, which must be from different periods.
  2. The two selections must represent two different languages.
  3. The two selections must be in contrasting tempo and style.
  1. The applicant should rehearse the choir in such a way as to focus on gestural communication, rehearsal technique, and the development of the musical product (in much same manner as a guest conductor in a festival setting).
  2. Primary value will be placed on gestural language and rehearsal technique.
  3. The Review Committee will also place value on mastery of interpretation, appropriate use of language (metaphor, simile, analogy, etc.), and use of imagination.
Camera Angle
  1. The camera angle will show a full frontal view of the applicant and all movements.
  2. The choral sound and comments of the applicant must be clearly audible on the video recording.
  3. The applicant will begin each selection by announcing the title and composer of the work to be presented.
Format and Duration
  1. The video-recorded selections will be presented consecutively without stopping the recording device between selections.
  2. The video recording will not be edited in any manner.
  3. The video recording will show the applicant conducting and rehearsing the choir for a minimum of twelve minutes and a maximum of fifteen minutes.
  4. The time should be divided equally between the two selections.
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