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Rimini International Choral Competition 2013

Location: Italy
Rimini, Italy, 26-29 September 2013
Welcome to Rimini, capital of hospitality and culture!
It’s with great pleasure that I’m going to manage the organization of the seventh edition of the Rimini International Choral Competition that will take place from 26 to 29 September 2013. Music for choir, especially in the last few years, has qualitatively grown thanks to the precious and tireless contribution of thousands of supporters. It is not matter any more for only a niche audience but, on the contrary, has gained an important space in the musical field. The Choirs Contest does not want only to put the Groups in competition but it intends to present to the audience the characteristics and the diversities of every choir and repertoire. All in the beautiful setting of this ancient Roman city, well-known both for the beauty of his beaches and for the remains of a gorgeous past. I’m waiting for you to celebrate together a beautiful time of music and friendship.
Andrea Angelini, Musical Director of the Competition
Prize Grand Prix: 5.000 Euros
1 – Timetable of the activities during the Competition
11:00 – 18:00: Welcome and registration of the Choirs (Theatre Novelli)
15:00: Choral Competition (Class E – Church of San Giovanni Battista)
21:00: First non-competitive Concert for choirs class D and E (Theatre Novelli)
Morning and Afternoon: Welcome and registration of the Choirs (Theatre Novelli)
10:00: Choral Competition (Class A – Theatre Novelli)
15:00: Choral Competition (Class D – Theatre Novelli)
21:00: Second non-competitive Concert for choirs classes A and C (Theatre Novelli)
9:30: Choral Competition (Class C – Theatre Novelli)
17:30: Sung Service at the Rimini Cathedral (Rimini centre)
21:00: Third non-competitive Concert for choirs class B (Theatre Novelli)
9:30: Choral Competition (Class B – Theatre Novelli)
21:00: Choral Competition (Class X) – Awarding and Closing Ceremony – Theatre Novelli