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Tessitura for middle school choir

I'm trying to determine what the tessitura is for middle school voices(SAB).  Any info would be greatly appreciated. -Thanks,
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on February 27, 2013 8:07am
This is quite an involved question. One which will, I am sure, elicit as many answers as there are replies.
In the most cautious terms, the girls' voices will have about an octave range from D above Middle C to the D (or E) at the top line (space) of the Treble Clef. Their workable range is about a major third above and below this tessitura. The boys voices are much more widely discussed, and I would rather point you to a few sources than to offer one humble opinion.
There is a wealth of quality information out there, if you know where to look, and who to look for. The Cambiata Vocal Music Institute was created specifically to provide music and information about the adolescent voice. They have links to many different theories and articles written by various scholars. You should start your search there. Also, look out for anything written by Henry Leck, as he is an eminent scholar in the adolescent voice.
Here are weblinks to the Cambiata Vocal Music Institute of America, and a relevant article. Cambiata Vocal Music Institute's Home Page. article on voice classification for Early Adolescent voices.
I hope this helps you in your search. Are you researching for a school project? Looking for Music for a middle school choir? I would love to discuss this subject further.
Carter L. Collins
Mississippi College
Clinton, MS
on February 28, 2013 6:03am
The right tessitura is determined by the voices you have singing for you.  Read read read - there are a ton of resources out there now on the changing voice - both boys and girls.  You mention SAB as the groupings - this may not be the best grouping for middle school voices.  In addition to the resources below, check writings by John Cooksey, Lynn Gackle and others.  the Choral Journal had 2 issues specifically on boys  voices I think laast year - a wealth of information there!!!
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