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Summer Music and Arts Camp Ideas

We are in our second year hosting a summer Music and Arts Camp.  Does anyone have any ideas for a cool/fun theme?
Last year we had a specific piece of music that became the title of our theme.  It worked well and we are willing to that again however this year we have drawn a blank.
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on March 21, 2013 7:45pm
I have done a choir camp for the past 4 summers at my church for rising 1st - 6th graders. We learn a short musical in 3 days, then take it out into the community to a preschool and 2 or 3 nursing homes. We rehearse the music as a large group, then break up into small groups for drama, dance, solos, art, and games.
Our favorite musicals were "Revved Up and Ready to Go" (car, racing theme - very appealing to the boys) and "Here We Are". We actually changed the name of "Here We Are" to "We're On a Mission" (the opening number) and used the themes of Love, Belief, Grace, Praise.
Last summer we modified the Kathy Hill musical "Fish Tales" - rewrote the script, and added several cute songs ("Big Fish" and "Bread and Fish") and did an all-fish theme.
One year we did "Sticky Notes and Bible Quotes" - I liked the scripts/skit, but I replaced lots of the songs with other songs that fit each skit. We did lots of stuff with "Sticky"...we had sticky snacks each day (one church member brought in a cotton candy machine and let the kids make it) we made sticky note pad holders for a craft, we played games where the kids were "stuck" together, etc.
If you want more info about our camp, let me know. Good luck!
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