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DMA Choral Conducting: UMKC vs. U of Illinois???

Hello all!
I am currently looking for a university that offers a DMA in choral conducting, and wondered if any of you have insight into either University of Illinois or University of Missouri-Kansas City programs?
I'd like to know the kind of fellowship/assistantship opportunities that are available, the quality of the faculty/ensembles, and overall grad experience. Is the conducting program super competitive? How many DMA conductors do they generally have at any one time?
Basically, anything you can tell me about either program would be greatly appreciated!
on March 9, 2013 10:02am
If you'd like to email me directly, I'll get back to you with my thoughts about how you might make this decision. I wrestled with the same choice of those two schools when I lived in St. Louis and am so glad I chose UMKC.
Best regards,
Susan McMane
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