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Spring Revue

This year, my showchoir will be trying something different for the spring concert. We will be having the concert as more of a show with solos, duets, and small groups. I have a couple of songs in mind to give to a few students but I need some more songs that I could use with my students. If anyone has some suggestions on what songs would be good, let me know! They could be anything from humorous, serious, old, or new.
Thank you in advance!
Sam Dollins
Atchison High School
on March 13, 2013 5:44am
Let the kids choose their own! Make sure they understand that any piece will have to be cleared by you for appropriateness, but since this is a show choir situation, the audience will already be expecting lighter, popular songs. You take care of the group numbers and let them choose their own solos and small groups. Keep a handle on the number of songs or groups that any one student can be involved in (so it doesn't become THE SUZY SHOW!), and also control the amount of slow versus fast so the audience has variety, but this can be a real eye-opener to the talents of your group. You'll find guitar players and piano players that can sing while they accompany themselves, aspiring gospel, jazz, or Broadway singers, etc. With some guidance from you, this can be a great experience for your kids. Get the parents involved too, with decorations, refreshments at intermission or afterward, etc. I do this every spring with my vocal jazz group and it has become one of our main fundraisers. Good luck!
David Headings
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