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A gift for Palm Sunday!

If you'd like a change from the traditional tunes for Palm Sunday next year, please take a look at a couple of youtube videos (see below), and let me know if you'd like to receive free pdfs of them for future use in your church or community.
From my choral sequence for Palm Sunday, 'Majestic Ride', I would like to share any of the following three hymn settings, each of which could be used separately, with or without congregational participation: 'Children's Hosannas' ('All glory, laud and honour'), 'My song is love unknown' and 'Ride on, ride on in majesty'.  They are easy to learn, especially 'All glory, laud and honour' and 'Ride on', with accompaniment for organ or piano.  Do have a listen at ('All glory') and for the other two ('Ride on' starts at about 4:00 minutes in), and if you'd like to have a look at any or all of them, I'd be pleased to send you .pdfs as required, which you are welcome to print and use freely, as they are currently unpublished.  The style is fairly popular and accessible - the first setting was originally done for  children - and much of it is in unison.
Alternatively, all 3 can be performed as a choral sequence, with linking biblical narration.
[If requesting a pdf, please let me have your email address!]
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