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Summer music planning

For a number of recent years, the summer music program in our Anglican church has alternated between two patterns. In the “even” years we’ve done a series I’ve called “These Are a Few of My Favourite Hymns”, working with individual congregation members to choose music that reflects their faith journeys. In the “odd” years we’ve done a “genre” series, with Sundays of all African-based music, or Victorian hymnody, or Hispanic music, or plainsong-based hymns.  Both series have proved very successful – both in the opportunity for teaching music of other traditions, and in getting to know each other.
I think it’s time for a change this year – and I’m not sure what that change might be.  I can, of course, just stay with the lectionary, and offer the usual mixture, but they seem to like the summer being “different”. I don’t have a budget to bring in instrumentalists or soloists through these months, and many of my regular choir members will be taking holidays, so I rely on a pick-up group.
Any suggestions?
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