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Theme of light/day and darkness/night

I am trying to program a concert themed on light and daytime and darkness and nighttime for High School.
I have to program for an all womens chorus, a selected 20 member SATB ensemble and a 70 person mixed ensemble.
So far I have selected Eric Whitacre's Lux Aurumque, Keith Hampton's True Light, Morten Lauridsen's Sure on this Shining Night, and David Child's The Moon is Distant from the Sea
Any additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you,
Jessica Moore
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on April 6, 2013 10:30pm
Hi, Jessica,
There are a number of pieces that would fit your criteria in the Musica Russica catalog.
Go to and you will see Quick Search by Theme. There you can look at "Evening" and "Light" e.g.
Several of the selections are with English text. But for every piece we publish, a custom audio diction coaching guide is available.
Good luck with your program.
Vlad Morosan
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on April 7, 2013 6:17pm
Hello Jessica:

You may be interested in two works by Canadian writers: Eleanor Daley's excellent setting of THE STARS ARE WITH THE VOYAGER (text by Thomas Hood) deals extensively with the stars in the night sky guiding the travelling lover home (SATB, SSAA, and TTBB with piano, each available separately). The other is an elegant a cappella SATB arrangement of Nova Scotian writers Susan Crowe and Stephen Smith entitled IN THE EVENING (SATB only). Excerpts from both follow here:
The stars are with the voyager wherever he may sail; The moon is constant to her time; the sun will never fail, But follow round the world, the green earth, and the sea.......
In the evening, through the evening, as I wait to spy your star, ev'ry breath regrets my leaving as I wonder where you are......
Please contact me directly at info(a) if you're interested in seeing these works.
WIth best wishes, Willi Zwozdesky
on June 12, 2013 7:28am

You should definitely give a listen to Daniel Elder’s “Ballade To The Moon.” It is a fairly new piece and there is an excellent performance by the TMEA All State choir here. Your singers will love it. This would be a good choice for a piece that illustrates both day and night, and it would fit in well with your current selections. Otherwise, I second the notion that many Ola Gjeilo works would be perfect for this concert. I would suggest the “Northern Lights,” it would contrast your English selections and complement Lux Aurumque well. An additional excellent English selection that would present a fun challenge is the Barber "To Be Sung On The Water," Op. 42, No. 2, set to a beautiful text by Louise Bogan. 







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