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Community Children's Choir Survey for Parents

I am wondering if any of you have used any surveys to gather information from parents of choristers in your community choir.
Information such as how have we met your needs, how can we better serve you, did you receive what you thought you would from the program. 
I am hoping to learn from the collective wisdom that so many of you have. If you have any samples of surveys I would be grateful for that. Any and all suggestions are welcome.
Thank you in advance,
Carole Nelson
on April 17, 2013 6:02am
Paul Caldwell presented an excellent session in Dallas of just this sort of research. The findings were pretty interesting.  If ACDA will be posting handouts from the conference, look for it there, or try to contact Paul directly. I am sure he woudl share it with you.  The survey was done by a professional firm who does this, and was completed in several geographic metropolitan areas.  Very interesting stuff.
It is not hard to set up a survey on Survey Monkey, but your results are highly dependent on asking the right questions in the right way to get the information you want!  If you have never designed a survey, it might be good to talk to someone, perhaps at local college?, who might be able to give you a few suggestions. Good luck!
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