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Scientific study on acoustic voice matching: online blend assessment survey!

Location: California, USA
Does acoustic voice matching really enable singers to use their natural technique while still blending with the group, or, are they actually subconsciously changing the way they sing?  Why does acoustic voice matching work?  

For my dissertation I am doing a scientific study on just that.  I've collected vocal data on singers as they participated in a live procedure.  Now, I need to link the data to how well the singers blended with each other - in a scientifically verifiable way.

For that I need YOUR help!  I need at least 50 choral conductors to rate the blend of the samples using an online survey I've created.  Should take about 30 minutes.  Your help is greatly appreciated, and will serve to increase our collective understanding of the art we love.  There's a lot more going on beneath the surface.  Stay tuned for results!
Feel free to forward the link!

Thank you!
Ryan Osinski
DMA Candidate, University of Washington