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Choral Chameleon composition seminar experience?

Has anyone had experience as a composition participant in the NYC-based Choral Chameleon summer institute? Benefits derived?
on April 27, 2013 8:21am
Hey Jeannette
I participated in the Choral Chameleon summer institute last summer and it was a great experience. You work with such talented teachers and mentors and get to experience a selection of master classes from different guest speakers and highly respected leaders of choral music! Although I went as a conductor last year I will be going in as a composer this year. The composers get individual lessons and choral lab reading sessions to work with the choir. On the last day there is a concert for the public to premiere all of the new pieces and they will be recorded. Overall the Choral Chameleon institute is a great opportunity because it challenges you to work beyond what you think you are capable of, you get to work with a numerous amount of highly respected and talented conductors and composers and you meet a lot of wonderful people! I hope you will consider participating this year!
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