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2nd National Conference for MS/JH Choral Music

I'm pleased to announce the 2nd National Conference for MS/JH Choral Music!  This event will feature national presenters known for their work with MS singers, choirs and teachers; new literature specifically written for developing and changing voices; technology info with immediate impact; performances by 9 authentic MS/JH Choirs---3 female choirs, 3 male choirs and 3 mixed-gender choirs; and so much more!!  Meet choral music educators from around the country who are just like you!  Make new friends!  Improve your skills!  Become more effective in your MS/JH Choral rehearsals.
Come!!  Bring your choir!!  Bring a friend!!  Change your life!!!
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on January 12, 2014 11:49am
I am curious if this is a difficult time to have a conference for anyone else in the MS/JRhigh community.  This is at the end of our testing cycle and at the end of the school year, so their are so many activities going on that I will not be able to be out of the building.  Is there a reason why it is not on the front of the convention?  That worked really well!  Just curious ;)  wishing I could come.  Thanks for all you do!
on January 20, 2014 6:35am
Hi JoAnn,
1. In response to the question about why this conference isn't connected to a Division conference this year:  We communicated with a couple of the divisions about doing an "Immersion Day" format in front of the Division Conference.  That idea didn't fit with the Division leaders' visions for their conferences for this year.  Maybe in 2016???  The Children's and Youth Choir R&S Retreat has never been tagged onto a Division conference.  They just finished their third conference.  By all reports it was well-attended and quite vibrant in it's impact and content.  They have their conference over the MLK weekend.
2.  In response to end of year teaching/end of testing cycle:  Every school district has it's own calendars.  The conference is set on a weekend close to the year's end: Saturday, May 3, 2013.  Travel should happen on May 2, 2014.  In my own case, the testing window closes on 4/20. Not every district shares our early window closure, but we just couldn't check every district/state calander.  
3.  We were fortunate that UNT offered to host the event.  We were at the "mercy" of their schedule.  We couldn't look a "gift horse" in the mouth, so to speak.
In my own case, I'll have a concert and contest the week prior to the 2nd National JH/MS Conference for Choral Music and will then load up 107 of my students and chaperones to head to the conference to function as one of the Demonstration choirs of the conference.  We'll then make the return 10-hour trip home to do our final spring concert with all my choirs and some more events.  Can I get an "Amen!!"
You can be certain that the conference will be fantastic and that, if you can miss one day of school for travel (Friday, May 2), you'll have a great time, leave refreshed and recharged to begin amazing summer planning that will help you get set for the best year of your life!  Woo hoo AND Amen!
Here's the link for information and registration:
All the best!!!
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