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please help me formulate a title for my research.

      I'm a 4th year BSED-MAPEH (music, arts, p.e, health) student in Mountain View College, Philippines.  
Please help me formulate a title for my research.
             My field of interest is choral conducting. I'm also a conductor of one of the singing groups here in our campus. our teacher required us to gather 30 random students as my respondents whose voice were out of tune, not in good quality but can sing, not involved in any singing groups here in our campus. My problem is, what choral conductor should do to his/her members to achieve such quality in a short period of time (3-4 months)? I want to know what strategies used. i like also to help those individuals who wants to sing but can't and don't have the confidence to sing because of their voice. The result of my research would be a great help me in my choral conducting subject next semester.
 Hoping for your suggestions.
Thank you and God bless.
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